When Money Expires

GM Bitcoiners,

When a government official says they like blockchain or crypto, they probably mean that they like the idea of a CBDC.

Governments are entities designed to have control and provide order. For this, they need ultimate authority, which means ultimate control over the monetary system. 

If you control someone’s ability to eat, you control them to some degree. You also control the flow of resources, for better or worse. 

I believe that the incentive to accumulate and ultimately support Bitcoin is inevitable, but they will certainly trail their own Bitcoin!™ first. Why wouldn’t you? 

Well, conspiracy theories have become a reality in China, as the outcomes we were talking about are already being tested…

Yup, spend your money or ‘we confiscate it’.

Sounds great… right?

Why do we save in the first place? 

We say no to instant gratification for the potential of something better in the future. 

What happens when you can’t save? 

You only think about the present. 

You have fewer options. 

You are more reliant on others. 

We’ll put off consuming more products for consuming more Bitcoin content, thanks.

Written by Henry

Content Manager at FastBitcoins. Came to Bitcoin for the sound money... stayed for the memes! When not on Bitcoin Twitter, Henry can be found dancing Argentine Tango or in the gym.

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