Hey! We've made some updates that focus on giving customers increased privacy from personal data being accessed by third-parties. We have also made a number of improvements aimed at creating a more seamless transaction process.

The service updates are listed here:

  • Removal of Google Recaptcha, Google Fonts and Google Maps: to ensure users are not correlated with using a service that enables them to purchase bitcoins (Fastbitcoins is also committed to not using third-party analytics solutions as a further privacy enhancement)
  • It is now optional to provide an email address when redeeming low value vouchers, this streamlines the process of acquiring bitcoins further
  • Reduction in standard commission down to 4.5% from 6%
  • Improvements to what information is provided to us when a user sells bitcoins to us
  • New channels created when delivering on the Lightning Network can be either public or private.

Talking of the updates, Danny Brewster, Managing Director of Fastbitcoins, said: As a company focused on making Bitcoin more accessible and usable at a mainstream level, we believe developing a service that understands those seeking privacy don’t always have something to hide, a private life isn’t something to be snubbed. Consumers are becoming more aware of how their data can be harnessed by software providers for commercial gain or those seeking political influence to oppress or manipulate. The updates to our platform are the first steps towards demonstrating privacy by default is not only feasible but also leads to a much better user experience. They also show our continued efforts to improve the ease of which people can buy and spend their bitcoins.”

If you want to know more about what this means, get in touch at: @BitcoinsFast