These Memes Sum Up Bitcoin Perfectly… – #GM44

GM Bitcoiners,

A picture is worth a thousand words…

A video is worth a thousand pictures…

A meme is worth [insert something impressive]

The power of memes can not be underrated.

Like a comedian, they can communicate a serious message in a funny way that sticks in your head and can be great educational tools.

Here are a few memes that summarise various parts of the Bitcoin journey…


1. Time to unplug

I don’t know how many ‘pills’ there are now, but this meme perfectly summarises taking the ‘orange pill’. 

It’s not about going back to the old system. 

It’s about operating in the new system; outside the ‘Matrix’. 

When you understand what money is, and then understand what Bitcoin is… you understand what sound money is. 

*mind blown*

2. Staying stoic

Eventually, you have to become disconnected from the price. 

Focus on the fundamentals and don’t be swayed by the emotions of the market.

Make sense?


3. Trading vs saving

It sounds so easy, but trading is a professional job… and it’s actually quite hard. 

Even veterans have almost always failed to beat Bitcoiners who have simply saved consistently and hodled.

It’s also far less stressful than trying to time the market and make short-term predictions. 

4. Bitcoin is the pin

Bitcoin is often called a bubble when it’s the pin to a bloated financial system. 

5. Bitcoin finds a way

Bitcoin is adaptable money. 

Like life, it doesn’t seem to matter how much resistance it faces; it always seems to find a way to survive and thrive under harsh conditions. 

These memes show various parts of the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Here at FastBitcoins, we focus on onboarding and making it easier to save sound money. You decide the frequency and amount, and we do the rest!

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