Today we're pleased to announce an exciting partnership with the Sidewalk Bitcoin team. They are launching a mobile kiosk that will tour the UK to educate businesses and the general public about the real-world benefits of Bitcoin. Its first stop will be an innovation event held at the Chinese Center for Contemporary Art in Manchester, which takes place on the 8th September 2019.

As well as being a resource to receive expert insight about Bitcoin, the kiosk will also serve as a practical test bed for business owners and consumers to experience the latest in Bitcoin services. It is kitted out with FastBitcoins’, Lightning Network-enabled POS terminals that will let people feel how to easy, quick and safe it is to buy and spend with bitcoin. The kiosk will also be using the terminals to accept real-time Bitcoin payments for merchandise.

Commenting on the launch, Amanda Tandy and David Quatermaine of Sidewalk Bitcoin, say: “As non-techies we were fortunate enough to have been given a clear explanation of how Bitcoin can benefit the world. This inspired us to create Sidewalk Bitcoin. We want to pass our knowledge on, and get everyday people excited and clued up about using Bitcoin as a legitimate form of money”.

Danny Brewster, Managing Director of FastBitcoins, adds: “The limitations of Bitcoin going mainstream are no longer innovation led, it is to do with people and businesses lacking solid knowledge on how it can benefit them. This issue isn’t going to get solved overnight, but with the launch of resources like the Sidewalk Bitcoin kiosk, we aim to make a dent in it. The kiosk will let people get information about Bitcoin. And importantly, they can test out the latest technology that is unlocking the benefits of Bitcoin”.

If you are a business or organisation interested in hosting the Sidewalk Bitcoin kiosk in your area, then please get in touch via Twitter (@BitcoinsFast)