Here's a cool story for you guys to read off the back of the UK bank holiday weekend...

We have partnered with a local business to roll-out a fleet of Bitcoin-enabled pedal rickshaws on the streets of Glasgow. The rickshaws have been introduced to the city as an initial trial to demonstrate the ease and simplicity of buying and spending with Bitcoin to the general public.

Those wanting to ride the branded rickshaws can hail them once spotted, in the same way as regular cabs or rickshaws operating in the city. Passengers can choose to pay their fares in cash, but will also have an option to quickly and safely purchase Bitcoin vouchers from the back seat via a nifty point-of-sale terminal operated by the rider. Those who already possess the digital currency will be able to pay their fare using their own bitcoin on the Lightning Network.

Talking of the rickshaws, Danny Brewster, Managing Director of, said: I am really excited to announce the launch of our Bitcoin-enabled rickshaws in Scotland. It is a fun concept, and with it we are trying to show the general public how Bitcoin can be made readily available and easy to use. Once consumers understand how easy it is to obtain and use, coupled with the added benefits of simply holding Bitcoin itself, more and more people will build infrastructure to help Bitcoin fulfil its potential on a global scale.”

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