No Batmobile? No Bank Account!

GM Bitcoiners,

We’ve all dreamed about owning a Batmobile, right? 

Well, Mark Racop specialises in making replica Batmobiles for $210,000… at least he did until it was put on pause by a disgruntled customer.

I stumbled across this story randomly and thought it was a good example of how something can go from bad to criminal to “we’re freezing your bank account” rather fast…

Essentially, one of his customers missed a Batmobile payment and was unable to be reached for 8 months or so, and his car was pushed to the back of the queue (out of 9 cars) – the customer then paid off the car but was furious about the delay, so he got the law involved. 

None of that is really interesting in itself. It’s a business dispute with someone who appears to be a little up themselves. What’s interesting is what happened after he told his ‘friend’, the county sheriff…

The sheriff authorised staff to fly to another county in a different state to raid the business garage where the car was being built and arrest the owner of the business, who was charged with felonies, and here’s the real kicker… his bank account was even frozen. 

This is in America, the ‘land of the free’

Sure, many people in law are flagging this up, and certain charges are being thrown out, but the poor guy is being dragged through it anyway, all while he is unable to run his business or pay his staff… I’m not even sure how you can pay a lawyer when your account is frozen, either.

The story is bizarre because of the nature of the dispute (Batmobile), but the weaponisation of monetary controls seems to be becoming more common. 

Freezing someone’s means of living is the ultimate attack and an instant blockade.

It’s just something to keep an eye on and a reminder that political money is always someone else’s money. 

If you want apolitical money, then you might want to build Bitcoin savings over time – just don’t forget to hold your own keys! 

Written by Henry

Content Manager at FastBitcoins. Came to Bitcoin for the sound money... stayed for the memes! When not on Bitcoin Twitter, Henry can be found dancing Argentine Tango or in the gym.

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