Business enters three arrangements to make buying, spending and storing Bitcoin more seamless

Today we're announcing that we've signed strategic partnerships with three leading Bitcoin businesses - Bitrefill, Breez and Samourai. The partnerships will help the business to move closer to creating an ecosystem for making buying, spending and storing bitcoin as simple and seamless as possible for the everyday person.

Talking of the partnerships, Danny Brewster, Managing Director of, said: Bitcoin is seen as mainstream today only from a speculators point of view. But people do not fully understand the benefits of using bitcoin as a currency yet - at a top level it’s cash for the internet and cheaper to transact with on the Lightning Network than with regular money. The reason why adoption has been slow is a solid bridge connecting it to the real economy doesn’t exist. As a result, obtaining Bitcoin easily and safely, and being able to spend it on things we want is slow, disjointed and unreliable. With our partnerships with Bitrefill, Breez and Samourai, we will start to overcome these challenges, creating a seamless link between the digital currency and the real world. Once these worlds are joined up people can truly realise the full potential of Bitcoin.”

An overview of each partnership is as follows:


Bitrefill will offer its 130,000 strong customer base voucher redemption codes as a way to purchase and gift bitcoin to anyone, anywhere, without needing to use a traditional Bitcoin exchange or ATM. These vouchers let customers redeem Bitcoin directly into Lighting Network wallets; customers can even choose to send them directly to any regular Bitcoin address. Additionally, Bitrefill will enable users to buy digital gift cards from over 130 brands, including Apple, Amazon and Google Play.

John Carvalho, CCO, Bitrefill: “Bitrefill is on a mission to help people across the globe easily live on cryptocurrency. Our partnership with Fastbitcoins is already flourishing with many of our customers using these vouchers to convert alternative currencies into Bitcoin, to gift Bitcoin to new users, and to move rapidly across the Lightning Network. When you combine these features with the real-world access Fastbitcoins is giving to our growing list of gift card products, people need fiat money less and less every day.”


Fastbitcoins customers can easily add bitcoins to the Breez app and use it to pay friends or merchants in real-time via the Lightning Network. They can also buy FastBitcoins vouchers in the app's marketplace. Breez aims to drive bitcoin adoption in everyday commerce by providing users with the seamless experience they have become accustomed with traditional financial services.

Roy Sheinfield, Co-Founder and CEO, Breez: The time has come for Bitcoin to change modes: from a store of value, like gold, to real-world functional currency. With the infrastructure provided by Lightning Network, services like Breez and FastBitcoins help bridge a huge usability gap and bring Bitcoin one step closer to mainstream audience.”

Samourai customers will have the ability to redeem vouchers and have them delivered directly into their wallet, through the Samourai wallet interface, which is focused on keeping transactions private, user identities masked, and funds secure. Samourai is also launching their own hardware solutions to enable users additional levels of privacy. Access to Samourai will be available after the 1.0 release of the wallet.

The Samourai team said:Samourai is a bitcoin wallet for the streets focused on user privacy and sovereignty, and FastBitcoins offers users a frictionless onramp to the bitcoin network within their local community. Samourai Wallet users will be able to redeem their FastBitcoins vouchers directly within their wallet, keeping their keys firmly under their control.”

The partnerships come shortly after Fastbitcoins’ launch, signalling its appetite to deliver on its mission.