Hi everyone - after a brief hiatus on the news front we are back and pleased to announce the launch of Lightning Bonuses.

From today, FastBitcoins will be rewarding customers for receiving their Bitcoin over the lightning network. That’s right, customers receiving Bitcoin over the Lightning Network will now earn a 50% bonus taken from the would-be fees of a base layer transaction.

We are doing this because we want to proactively drive customer adoption of the Lightning Network, the payments layer that sits on top of the main Bitcoin blockchain, and make Bitcoin usable for people in real life. From getting paid or paying friends around the world, to buying groceries in a local shop, the Lightning Network allows near-instant Bitcoin payments with tiny fees. By sharing the cost savings, we hope to encourage users to trial the Lightning Network and discover how it can be as easy and convenient to use as fiat currency.

Explaining the launch of Lightning Bonuses, Danny Brewster, Managing Director of FastBitcoins, said: “People all over the world are learning that Bitcoin enables them to keep their wealth safe from inflation. But what is less well known is that it can actually be used in small amounts too. This is only possible thanks to the Lightning Network. We want to help people to experience Bitcoin’s full potential and what better way to do this than by incentivising them to take the leap and see how the Lightning Network transforms Bitcoin from a store of value into something even more powerful.”.

Danny adds:FastBitcoins’ vision is to help create a billion Bitcoiners around the world. We are building a range of globally available services that help anyone easily and safely access and use it. Incentives like these help supercharge our efforts, and bring the benefits of Bitcoin to the biggest possible audience.”