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I May Be a Loser but That Doesn’t Make Me Wrong…

GM Bitcoiners,

Are you a Bitcoin maximalist?… 


“Most of these people are f**king losers”

“If they’re coming in to try and get you for what you’re talking about… something’s up with these people.”

“Maybe they’re kind of like, paid operatives or something, cause it doesn’t make sense… if you want sound money and freedom… Litecoin should be the coin that they love!”

“Really… these people are losers – that’s the conclusion. They’re losers.”


Outside the world of ‘crypto’ and Twitter, Bitcoin maximalism isn’t a thing. I’ve talked to a fair amount of people about my job, and the Bitcoin-only part always trips them up.

Me: “I work in Bitcoin!”

Them: “Yeah, I have friends that are into crypto.”

Me: “Cool, we focus on Bitcoin only.”

Them: “What do you mean?…”

Explaining the difference between the two is confusing for those outside the space, and triggering for many inside the world of crypto. 

There’s all this new and exciting stuff happening… money is being thrown around, and then there’s that guy in the corner unapologetically saying it’s basically all BS.


What a buzzkill, right? 

Have you got that one friend who just tells you how it is? 

Maybe sometimes you just want someone to validate your decision, but they call you out right there. 

They give you the medicine no matter how bitter the taste. And you might be a little hurt, or get angry… but their comments can save you months or years of time and pain. 

You might even dislike them – but are they wrong?

That’s what you’ll likely get from a Bitcoin maxi on Twitter. 

It’s not always pretty, but they’ll tell you how it is, and most do it out of love. 

This guy might have been glad to have a Bitcoin maxi by his side before he bought this…

If you want to hear more about Bitcoin maximalism, check out this panel from Bitcoin Amsterdam: 

“I think that maximalism is rational. I don’t think it’s religious or emotional.” – John Carvalho

P.S. Everyone is different on the internet to how they are in person.

Written by Henry

Content Manager at FastBitcoins. Came to Bitcoin for the sound money... stayed for the memes! When not on Bitcoin Twitter, Henry can be found dancing Argentine Tango or in the gym.

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