Estonian market for frictionless Bitcoin services continues to show strong demand amongst SME businesses looking to get ahead of the curve

Today we welcome UULITS Tänavagurmee (UULITS Street Gourmet) as a partner. This is the second business of a growing list of interested players in the region to recently go-live with FastBitcoins services, indicating the country's enthusiasm for wanting to adopt the digital currency.

UULITS Tänavagurmee is a gourmet burger chain that has gained a cult following for its high quality burgers and condiments which are freshly prepared by staff on a daily basis. The business initially started life in Tallinn as a food truck and has since expanded across four retail locations; three of which are based in the capital and 1 in the south of Estonia's 2nd biggest town, Tartu.

Talking of the partnership with Fastbitcoins, Mario Pärn Owner and Founder of UULITS Tänavagurmee said: “Our success and survival as a small business comes down to being unique. We provide superior quality burgers along with a local charm that you don’t find in the biggers chains. Adding a Bitcoin service such like FastBitcoins has provided yet another way to stand out from the pack. Their technology has empowered us to participate in the growing demand from customers for wanting to buy and spend bitcoin, with slick and frictionless technology. Additionally, we can also generate revenues from opening up this service to existing customers, as well as new ones interested in Bitcoin”.

Speaking of the merchant and Bitcoin demand in Estonia, Danny Brewster, Managing Director of FastBitcoins, said: “Estonia is a fascinating market for Bitcoin right now. The progressive approach to Bitcoin regulation and technology is having a knock on impact amongst smaller businesses and consumers who are curious about how mainstream Bitcoin adoption can be made possible. We are experiencing this curiosity first hand, with businesses such as UULITS Tänavagurmee and Sativa Store who have started working with us to get ahead of the curve and differentiate, as well as the growing list of businesses in the region who have expressed interest in doing so too. UULITS Tänavagurmee is well placed to capitalise from the Bitcoin revolution in Estonia and I wish them every success”.

If you are a merchant interested in offering FastBitcoins services, or a customer wanting to know more about what Bitcoin is, how to buy it and how to use it, please visit: