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#GM31 – The Sovereign Individual Needs More Than Bitcoin

GM Bitcoiners,

“Bitcoin changes you” is a commonly heard phrase once you dive down the sound money rabbit hole, but it’s not just Bitcoin that changes you. It’s the other Bitcoiners.

Money makes the world go around, but the direction in which money flows dictates the path humanity goes down.

This ‘direction’ is decided by groups of people coming together. 

Many of these groups are actively pushing back against Bitcoin (central banks, governments, WEF, IMF…). They’re trying to change the narrative. But, they’re still painfully unaware that Bitcoiners are coming together to create change rapidly, and Bitcoiners have ‘proof of work’ behind their ideas and efforts.

When Bitcoiners get together, something special happens.

Bitcoiners tend to be very focused individuals. 

They are passionate about changing the world.

They understand the problems. 

They see the solutions.

They are willing to go against the narrative.

They prioritise freedom. 

And to maximise the opportunities that Bitcoin offers… you need more than just the monetary network. 

You need a network of Bitcoiners. 

Bitcoiners who are just as curious as you. Bitcoiners with unique skills and experience. Bitcoiners you can call when you have an urgent problem.

Being around these like-minded people changes your outlook and actions just as much as sound money does. 

While we encourage you to come together in the ‘meatspace’, even being a Bitcoin Twitter anon makes a difference.

I guess the point of this is to remind you that you don’t need to be a lone ranger in the clown world, and… do you really want to be one? 

Do you truly want to go and live in the middle of nowhere with a pile of Bitcoin? 

Everyone has a different view, but I see the ‘sovereign individual’ as someone who can navigate and experience the world in its fullness, with not just ‘FU money’ they can verify, but also a network of people they can trust. 

There are more and more Bitcoin meet-ups happening everywhere, and if you get the chance, it’s worth meeting these people and helping build a new community.

We’re doing our best to nurture a community that understands the importance of saving sound money at FastBitcoins; that’s our mission… what’s yours? 

Written by Henry

Content Manager at FastBitcoins. Came to Bitcoin for the sound money... stayed for the memes! When not on Bitcoin Twitter, Henry can be found dancing Argentine Tango or in the gym.

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