We are pleased to announce partnerships with four new merchants across Vancouver. The partnerships were agreed just weeks after the we opened a hub in Canada, which is a great indicator of demand for Bitcoin services in the region.

The four merchants to partner with FastBitcoins are:

  • New Wave Smoke - a Vancouver based vape store
  • Oscars Smoke Shop - convenience store in Downtown Vancouver
  • BC Cherry Market - convenience store in Downtown Vancouver
  • Hidden Treasures - thrift store in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Commenting on the partnership with FastBitcoins, Gurikwant Brar, Owner and Founder of New Wave Smoke, said: “We are amongst a growing number of retailers in Canada that have a positive mentality towards Bitcoin. The currency is innovative and now that more people are starting to become aware of it, we are certain it has a bright future. We have wanted to join the action for a while and felt that the FastBitcoins solution met our needs perfectly. The technology looks cool and is easy to use, and the team are really helpful too. We’re very excited to play our part in the Bitcoin economy.”

Commenting on the growth of FastBitcoins, Danny Brewster, Managing Director of FastBitcoins, said: “The progress we have made growing our business since launching in February is a great sign that our services work and that demand for Bitcoin solutions is increasing across the world. We’re now present in five countries including Canada, and together with our partnerships with Breez and Bitrefill, we are seeing steady increases in volume. As we get more merchant partners, and more of the world comes to understand the value of Bitcoin, I’m confident this will increase.”