August has been a HOT month for partner growth in Canada. Today, we're happy to announce new partnerships with thirteen merchants across the country.

This new wave of partnerships is a good sign. It is telling us that there is growing interest from Canadian shop owners for Bitcoin services, as stores start to open again after lockdown. Forward-thinking shop owners are also looking to capitalise on the bitcoin 'gold rush' as more consumers turn to buying it to protect themselves from economic uncertainties.

The total number of FastBitcoins locations in the country is now 42, a solid increase we opened up our local hub in August 2019.

Computer store owner standing next to FastBitcoins signage

Here's the list of new FastBitcoins  merchants are:

Talking of the partnership with FastBitcoins, Eric Jeon, Owner and Founder of Baycorner said: “Given what is going on with the economy right now, we are seeing more customers ask about Bitcoin. I think they are looking for a way to protect their savings. Bitcoin is now becoming more and more known as a digital version of gold, and this is why we believe there is going to be increasing demand from consumers in the near and long-term”.

Eric adds: “We partnered with FastBitcoins to sell bitcoin because the service is so easy to set-up and use. The fees are competitive for our customers, and the Bitcoin payment function on their POS terminal also sets us up for the future when Bitcoin gets more established and customers look to pay for items with the digital currency. We are also happy that we take on no risk for using the service in our shop. Really, it is really a win-win”.

Commenting on the growth of FastBitcoins, Danny Brewster, Managing Director of FastBitcoins, said: “We’re pleased with the demand we are seeing in Canada since we launched in the region last August, particularly in the aftermath of the lockdown. What is particularly cool is we are working with a range of merchants and not just one specific type - we are signing up everyone from currency exchanges and convenience stores, to burger chains, and electronics repair firms. This diversity is a good sign that more businesses are coming to terms with the opportunity around Bitcoin, and are looking for ways to incorporate useful Bitcoin services into their offerings.”

If you are a merchant interested in offering FastBitcoins services, or a customer wanting to know more about what Bitcoin is, how to buy it and how to use it, please visit: