Bullish on Bitcoin Bear Markets – #GM43

GM Bitcoiners,

When some people think of winter, they imagine dark mornings, icy roads, and staying inside cold.

Others think of fresh air, snow, skiing, and hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

It’s all about perspective. 

Here are 3 of our favourite things about Bitcoin bear markets…

  1. Fewer distractions – this is a great time to build. While others are out wandering in the tundra, you can take this time to concentrate on the real work. How can you contribute to Bitcoin? How can you improve your cold storage setup? 
  2. Back to the foundations – when things are tough, you need a solid footing to remain stable. Both businesses and individuals have to go back to the first principles as bad ideas are quickly revealed. 
  3. Silence – while there may be panic at first, the tone suddenly changes. There seem to be fewer grifters and scam messages about another ‘innovative’ project – more thought-provoking content.

Here are some responses from Reddit…

“More dodgy crypto companies going bust”

“More people become bitcoin maximalists”

“Clarity among projects – so visible who’s properly backed by tech and here to stay!”

“GPUs are much cheaper and in stock!”

Perhaps the most obvious is cheap Bitcoin. 

Auto saving during the bear market can really add up –  this can be where wholecoiners are made. We make it easy to automate buying Bitcoin at FastBitcoins, so you can focus on the more important things, like making memes! 

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