Breathing, Bleeding, Bitcoin

GM Bitcoiners,

Have you ever found yourself getting lost in the process of a task? 

Rather than prioritising, we can all easily get sidetracked by something smaller. 

Sometimes we do this because it’s easier to avoid the obvious ‘truth’ that requires more work – many people new to the gym might become obsessed with supplements and fitness trends rather than just eating well and training regularly. 

You can’t afford this luxury in the case of a medical emergency, so it’s made very clear in first aid training what you should focus on if you’re the first on the scene. 

The 3 Bs of first aid are…

1) Breathing

2) Bleeding 

3) Breaks

It sounds obvious, but if you see someone bleeding heavily, most people would be drawn to treat the wound… but this shouldn’t take priority if they’re unconscious and aren’t breathing. 

As gory as a break is, if they aren’t breathing, it doesn’t matter how much you work on the injury… they aren’t breathing! 

Hardly anyone understands what’s going on in the financial system and how money even works today, but you only need to read the daily headlines to know that they’re constantly patching up the ‘patient’.

More stimulus 

Another bill

Tax changes 

New hires and fires

Interest rates 

They’re focusing on bleeds and breaks when they should be focused on breathing.

While these changes are made to stabilise the financial landscape, the underlying problem remains… and it’s a BIG problem. 

The money itself has stopped breathing. 

After years of abuse and manipulation, the foundation itself is breaking down. 

Inflation in the US reached 9.1% in June, and that’s the best of a bad batch of currencies… it’s also the ‘official’ numbers. 

They can and will continue to tweak things behind the scenes, but the fundamental problem cannot be ignored for much longer. 

People need money that’s built upon solid foundations, and Bitcoin was designed to prioritise the most important aspects of sound money…

  • Decentralised 

For money to be truly fair, transparent, permissionless and available to anyone, it can’t be controlled by anyone. Bitcoin makes sacrifices to keep this as the priority. 

  • Scarcity

“[…] in that work I came to believe that though there was a lot of hype masquerading as reality in the crypto field, Nakamoto’s innovation is real.” – Gary Gensler

Bitcoin is provably scarce money… that’s kind of a big deal. We all know how much Bitcoin has been and will ever be mined. No one can change that, even if the demand increases. Every satoshi you save is from that finite supply. 

  • Verifiable 

You don’t need to trust anyone because you can verify the network and transactions for yourself. Bitcoin allows users to be their own bank by running their own node. 

Bitcoin isn’t perfect, but nothing else even comes close. 

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to onboard as many Bitcoiners as possible! If you want an easy way to save the future of money, we make it easy at FastBitcoins.

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