• Hexa users can now redeem FastBitcoins vouchers and buy bitcoin directly into their wallets.

Great news! We've partnered with the folks at Hexa wallet to let its users buy bitcoin seamlessly from the application.

From today, Hexa users can redeem FastBitcoins vouchers directly into their wallets and can take advantage of FastBitcoins’ latest feature, which lets them buy and receive bitcoin from their bank accounts. To ensure an easy customer experience, FastBitcoins and Hexa account balances are presented neatly in one place for users within the wallet’s interface.

This tie-up is another example of the Bitcoin community coming together to take away the complicated steps that currently exist around buying and storing bitcoin. It was made possible with FastBitcoins’ dedicated wallet integration API and Hexa’s vision to be a high value yet simple bitcoin Wallet for the end-user. The API allowed Hexa to quickly and seamlessly integrate FastBitcoins’ features without having to address the practical and regulatory hurdles of setting up such a function independently.

Commenting on the partnership, Danny Brewster, MD at FastBitcoins said: “Like us, the team at Hexa are focused on making the process of buying and using Bitcoin as smooth as possible for the customer. By connecting to our API, they can offer customers an easy, safe and secure way to buy bitcoin from within the Hexa wallet, without having to waste the time and resources of building an exchange service themselves. I’m pleased we’ve been able to partner with Hexa, helping them offer a differentiated wallet service and ultimately empower a broader group of enthusiasts with a simple way to access to Bitcoin”.

Buy or redeem bitcoin directly within the Hexa wallet!

Adding to this, Anant Tapadia from Hexa said: “Hexa is extremely well suited for precoiners and newcoiners. One of the first things these people will want to do is get some sats into their wallet. This is where a partnership between Hexa and FastBitcoins makes a lot of sense. A seamless, bitcoin-only integration was the simplest way to onboard such people”.

For more information about FastBitcoins, visit: https://fastbitcoins.com  

To find out about BitHyve’s Hexa wallet, visit: https://hexawallet.io/