Nearly all retail business owners will have come across the term Bitcoin. A few understand what it is (newbies can read our guide here). But only a minority of retailers know of the opportunities Bitcoin can offer. If you don't know, now is your chance to find out more.

Time to understand the hype

Bitcoin continues to grow in recognition all over the world, despite it not being a daily form of currency. Demand is surging because many are realising its strength as a secure store of value. They want to hold it as a long-term investment, like gold, or to speculate on the price swings.

That said, what is preventing the increasing number of enthusiasts from getting their hands on it is the lack of easy and safe access. For many, buying Bitcoin through an exchange is too complicated. And the Bitcoin ATMs you may have seen in competitors’ shops are hard to use and charge customers a fortune.

Why should I care?

To cut to the chase, there is an opportunity for retail business owners to start generating a sustainable income by enabling the Bitcoin economy. Already, a number of our retailer partners are seeing profits upwards of £2,000 each month, by offering customers a simple and secure way to access our services. And better yet, it is really easy to get started.

How does FastBitcoins work?

FastBitcoins makes selling Bitcoin at your store simple and straightforward. Here are three ways retail business owners can benefit:

1. We give you an easy-to-use handheld POS device.

This device allows you to

  1. Sell physical bitcoin vouchers for cash to your customers
  2. Process deposits to FastBitcoins user accounts
  3. Accept real-time Bitcoin payments with 0% transaction fees!
  4. Pay out cash to people that have sold bitcoins to us

The POS device works independently from other retail systems and is completely portable. All you need to do is make sure it is charged, connected to WiFi and you are set to go from day 1.

2. We provide you with marketing and PR support to raise awareness of your great new offering, at no cost. This includes everything from free signage, banners and posters, to running social media campaigns and advertising, as well as securing media coverage. On top of that, we also push customers to your store via the listing page on our website as well as popular third-party listing websites. This will allow you to build awareness of your new service easily.

3. You are guaranteed to make a commission on every transaction. You will have the support of a dedicated Account Manager, whose sole job is to help you get set-up with the tech, selling and making a consistent flow of income.

What’s the catch?

There is absolutely no catch. Qualified businesses can benefit from all the support, with no experience, and no up-front costs. Your services will not be associated with any underlying risks associated with the bitcoin market either. Surely then, this is something worth considering?

Seeing is believing! Book a no-obligation demo with a dedicated Account Manager today: