Anyone who has ever followed a workout or health routine knows that motivation is just not enough to meet your goals. When it’s 11 pm and the cookie dough ice cream in the freezer is calling out, motivation won’t be enough to stop you day in, day out. You only have so much willpower, which is quickly eaten up by all the small tasks that go towards your new routine…

To get the results in the long term, you need to build new daily habits – and once you’ve built new habits, something magical happens… you no longer need the willpower. Suddenly, you aren’t going out of your way to avoid bad food, or drag yourself to the gym, you just do it without thinking. It’s part of your new lifestyle.  

Motivation gets you started. Discipline, habits, and routine keep you going.

The same can be said for your Bitcoin savings journey.

Most of us stumbled into the world of “internet money” because of a combination of two things…

  1. Greed/NGU technology (“number go up”)
  2. FOMO (“fear of missing out”)

This is normal in Bitcoin and it’s certainly enough to build motivation and kick-start your savings journey… but in the long term? It can hinder your progress and results.

When you’re sitting up at 1 am watching the price of Bitcoin dip, these same emotions can lead to you making brash decisions This is where Bitcoin habits and fundamentals come into play!

Building a solid Bitcoin foundation starts with two things…

  1. Education – look no further than our education page on-site / blog 
  2. A regular ‘buying routine’ – this is where the humble “auto-buy” (also referred to as DCA) comes into play.

Make sure your account is topped up with cash, then decide how often you want to buy/how much, and let it run automatically with our autoDCA feature.

Load account with cash -> DCA (during the week or month) -> withdraw to your own wallet -> repeat!

Combining this habit with the expansion of your understanding of Bitcoin fundamentals will leave you in a far better position when the next wave of volatility hits Bitcoin – you’ll hardly take any notice, and will likely even get excited at the prospect of ‘buying the dip’ (lower price). Having this routine will also prevent you from panic buying when the price starts rising, because you know you’ve been accumulating the entire time and have the skills to secure your coins.

Being a master of your money means being a master of your emotions. Focus on building a new life around your Bitcoin savings and take ownership of your future.

Stay strong and keep stacking Sats!