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Motivation gets you started. Discipline, habits, and routine keep you going.

We often get asked to recommend a good book about Bitcoin, but there is no one book that will help someone understand all of the various aspects of Bitcoin from the design and technology to the game theory, history and economics of it all. Here are 10 books to get you started!

Time for a security upgrade? Find out why the Coldcard hardware wallet is so popular with Bitcoiners.

A quick Google search of blockchain brings up an array of recent investments into "Blockchain Technology", in a whole heap of industries - it is the future, after all... or is it? Yes and no.

You’ve probably heard of Taproot over the last few months. Besides random green boxes appearing in the Twitter bios of Bitcoiners, what does it actually mean, and why on earth should you care?

Have you ever sold your Bitcoin out of fear? Fear sells... it's time to take back control.

What is dollar cost averaging and why is it so popular among Bitcoiners?